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Swedish Sensationsfilms Author Daniel Ekeroth: The Mr. Skin Interview

lindberg thriller 5We’re ample fans of the film sincyclopedia Swedish Sensationsfilms: A Clandestine History of Sex, Thrillers and Kicker Cinema here at Skin Central, so of course we were thrill(er)ed to interview the book’s author, Daniel Ekeroth. Seriously, if you according to adjustment from the full menu at the international abode of perv-cakes, then this book is an capital introduction to the admirable apple of Swedish sleaze!

Daniel talks to Skin Central about teenage obsessions,forgotten starlets, smashing censorship, and his top three sensationsfilms in this fascinating skinterview.

Read our full interview with Daniel Ekeroth after the jump!

Great Nude Performances: Marie Liljedahl and Inger Sundh in The Seduction of Inga

seduction of inga 1

Today’s Great Nude Performance comes courtesy of Daniel Ekeroth, Swedish smut expert and author of the cinema sincyclopedia Swedish Sensationsfilms! The Seduction of Inga was fabricated road back in 1969, when the X adjudjing was in its infancy and the candied breeze of sexual liberation was blowing all over the world.

Skintrigued by the freewheeling film scene (and the possibility of international box office), pioneering sexploitation director Joe Sarno moved his smut plant to Sweden in the unpunctual ’60s. There he begin a adolescent Swedish ballet dancer named Marie Liljedahl and fabricated the skinfamous sexual coming-of-age adventure Inga (1967). Featuring full nudity from 16-year-old Marie, Inga was an international sinsation and two age subsequent a full color sequel, The Seduction of Inga, was filmed.

Get seduced by Marie Liljedahl and Inger Sundh after the jump!

Top 10 Celeb Nude Scenes in a Bar

in a barGet ready to pour yourself a stiff one! What goes down easier than two shots of boobs, straight up? Nothing, which is why Anna Friel, Mary-Louise Parker, and eight added skintoxicating female bombs own been compiled calm for our top 10 “celeb nude scenes in a bar” list. Two pints of Skinness, coming up!

One-Handed Workout: Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease

carmen electra 2

Compared to the thong-thrusting activity of 20-Minute Workout or the cleavage-crushing commotion caused by Traci Lords‘ sports bra, Carmen Electra plays it mighty protected when it comes to her Aerobic Striptease workout videos. Even for a stripper that doesn’t strip, she’s fatiguing a lot of clothes. But hey, barring some sort of miracle this is the closest you’re ever going to amuse to a circuit dance from Carmen Electra, and isn’t that worth the price of admission appropriate there?

More aerobic stripping (if you can even call it that) after the jump!

Marisa Tomei, Alison Pill & Olivia Munn In Talks for New Sorkin Drama

Walk with me, there’s ample information on the boob tube. Aaron Sorkin, the much-discussed creator of The West Wing, Sports Night, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, is currently developing a advanced project for HBO, a cable information stagecraft called (for now) More As This Story Develops. Sorkin’s shows haven’t featured nudity in the past, but they were all on above networks, where nudity is treated according some sort of flesh-eating virus. HBO usually stands for Hooters Be Out, and with a racktastical Mr. Skin Nudity All Star leading the female cast, we’re stiff with anticipation here at Skin Central. Let’s rub down the cast:

tomei devil boobsBrave nude battler Marisa Tomei is the front runner for the starring role of Mackenzie, a TV producer whose personal activity takes a backseat to her career. You can beam Marisa’s backseat (and headlights) in Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007).

pill boobsBaby-faced Canadian cutie Alison Pill is in consideration to play soft, accessible second fiddle to Tomei’s tough-talking female executive. Speaking of soft, Alison’s boobs in Dear Wendy(2005) were not a bitter tablet to swallow.

munn faceRounding out Sorkin’s ambition list is Olivia Munn, recently unemployed after the cancellation of her NBC sitcom Perfect Couples. Munn is being tapped to play a adult marketplace analyst whose assets can accomplish added than the markets rise. Olivia’s kept her Munn mounds under wrap so far, so hopefully Marisa and Allison will be a nude access on her.

Stay tuned for More As This Story Develops (sorry, it was aloof too easy) appropriate here on the Mr. Skin blog!

Happy Secretaries’ Day From Mr. Skin! PICS

secretary gyllenhallSure, it’s added PC to call them “administrative professionals,” but Mr. Skin has a activity these naughty note-takers don’t mind. When you beam these secretaries bend over and booty dic(k)tation, you’re the one that’s going to amuse a raise!

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