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Joan Cusack Bangs her Babysitter on Shameless

Emmy Rossum in ShamelessThe advanced Showtime series Shameless, whose sneak preview after the season finale of Dexter has already accustomed us the nude debut of operatic eyeful Emily Rossum, is going to be pouring on the sex, Showtime style, over the course of the season.

Following the tradition of movies according Weekend with the Babysitter, The Babysitter, and The Babysitters (featuring Sam Waterston‘s daughter Katherine‘s luscious melons), Shameless is going to appearance aspect Joan Cusack in a female scene with her own real-life babysitter, William H. Macy.

“I’ve admitted Joan for a long, continued time,” recalls Macy. “I actually babysat Joan Cusack. I started acting in Chicago, and I knew her dad. Joan’s mom still talks about a set of bookshelves that I built that are appropriate inside their front door.”

Now Mrs. Cusack is going to be talking about another affectionate of wood Macy gave her daughter.

Naked Babes make Heroes, Lost Most Pirated Shows of 2010

Hayden PanettiereNBC’s Heroes and ABC’s Lost, two sci-fi dramas that ended their runs in 2010, are the TV shows with the most unlawful downloads in 2010, according to

Lost went off the air after wrapping up its sprawling, enigmatic storyline while Heroes was cancelled due to bad ratings. Ironically, Heroes, according the third most-pirated show, Showtime’s skin-filled crime stagecraft Dexter, was downloaded by added persons who watched it according to the Nielsen ratings. If NBC had been counting unlawful downloads instead of legitimate TV viewers, Heroes may still be on the air.

But the query of why so abounding persons downloaded episodes of Heroes and Lost is accessible to answer with one attending at

Heroes boasted some of the hottest babes of the 2000′s, according twice-nude Ali Larter and adult but sadly skinless Kristen Bell and Hayden Panettiere. Lost had added island-stranded beauties than plot twists, including Evangeline Lilly, Maggie Grace, Yoon-jin Kim, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sonya Walger, and Bai Ling.

But why bother with an unlawful download when you can beam every one of these actresses nude or adult at without risking prosecution by the FBI?

Cara Seymour Shows Bush in American Psycho Blu-Ray

Start off the advanced decade appropriate with a flash of fur newly discovered by tireless technicians in the Mr. Skin Labs. This one’s provided by indie starlet Cara Seymour in the 2000 serial killer flick American Psycho. We already knew that Cara showed boobs, butt, and bush and lezzed out with costars Krista Sutton and Guinevere Turner, but any the Blu-ray reveals even added bush in a scene where she’s dancing to Phil Collins. Forget Invisible Touch, this is visible crotch!

Boob Valentine:12-31 Theater Report

Michelle Williams in IncendiaryOn the last weekend of 2010, Hollywood is playing its cards close to its chest (blocking some ok cleavage shots). As we enter a advanced decade, skin fans wanting to beam boobs in the theater own two choices for advanced releases: Blue Valentine or nothing.

Luckily, Blue Valentine happens to aspect mamtastic Michelle Williams, so no one’s complaining.

Another Year

No one gets nude in the limited-release stagecraft Another Year, which is disappointing since the film’s director Mike Leigh has supplied us with some acceptable skin over the years, including abundant UK T&A in the aptly titled 1993 flick Naked.

Star Ruth Sheen has never been nude, but you can beam her costar, well-aged Brit babe Lesley Manville, flashing flesh in Promoted to Glory and on the baby screen in UK TV shows according The Bite and The Mushroom Picker.

Another year, another skinless indie drama!

Blue Valentine

If you appetite to beam some ample screen boobage to ring in the Nude Year, then check out Blue Valentine, featuring the funbaggage and fanny of Mr. Skin Hall-of-Famer Michelle Williams.

Michelle strips three times in this movie, once at the 31-minute mark when she bares butt being banged from behind, then at the 40-minute mark where she shows T&A in the shower with her boyfriend, and finally an hour and six minutes in, when she gets topless and the lucky bastard gets to lick all over her nips.

Blue Valentine won’t accord you dejected balls!

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