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Bree Olson: The Mr. Skin Skinterview!


Adult film superstar Bree Olson has been flirting with mainstream stardom for years. After a role in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut Don Jon last year, 2014 is looking to be the year that Bree makes the leap to the mainstream stage in a ample way. First up is the uproarious comedy Live Nude Girls, where Bree appears alongside person adult superstars like Tera Patrick, as able-bodied as mainstream stars like Dave Foley,Andy Dick, and Har Mar Superstar. She again recently wrapped shooting on the horror sequel The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence), and is solid at assignment on a film called Smith, where she’ll play a variation on the role Scarlett Johansson just played in Under the Skin, an foreigner preying on unsuspecting horny dudes. We recently chatted with Bree about her mainstream work, what turns her on, and what advice she’d accord to her 18 year mature self.


Skin Central: What’s the aboriginal nude scene you bethink seeing in a movie or TV show, and how ample of an collision did that own on you?

Bree Olson: I can’t answer recall but it obviously impacted me enough that I am running around with my clothes off in Live Nude Girls.

SC: How did you amuse involved with Live Nude Girls?

BO: Mike Hatton and the Cheesecake Factory minus any cheesecake.

SC: What was it about working on this project that intrigued you the most?

BO: Tits, so abounding tits. Plus acting, so that was hella dope. That and a a script and getting the chance to assignment with Dave Foley.


SC: Did you amuse to assignment with Har Mar Superstar at all? He’s a personal favorite.

BO: I hung out with him on set, I anticipate he was trying to fuck me and I affliction not letting him.

SC: You’re going to be in the upcoming Human Centipede III. Anything you can impart us about the film or your acquaintance working on it?

BO: It was fucking epic. I will be on the edge of my seat along with everyone else upon its release.


SC: Do you acquisition that the transition to mainstream films from adult films has been rocky or has it been a acceptable experience?

BO: As continued as I accord blowies to whomever is hiring me in mainstream, it seems to activity completely swell. Seriously though, Live Nude Girls was a complete project to introduce me to mainstream audiences. I felt comfortable on set, as I was not the alone actress from the adult film industry however I was again surrounded by credible actors from conventional film and TV backgrounds. I again fancy myself an amateur comedian and in the film I had a chance to shine as the comic relief… attending out Dave Foley!

SC: Most of the mainstream assignment that you’ve done has been in independent films. Do you acquisition that they’re a kindred spirit to adult films, at least as far as how efficiently they’re shot, or accomplish you still own a lot added downtime on those sets?

BO: It’s always hurry up and wait no matter what the circumstance. I mean… unless you’re Beyonc

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