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D. McKinney: The Mr. Skin Interview [PICS]

McKinney skint. 1

You might anticipate that author D. McKinney is a chain-smoking, kohl-addicted Goth chick who hangs out at Denny’s all night, sipping atramentous coffee and sneering at squares. And maybe, at one point, she was. But then she had the acceptable sense to translate that acquaintance into her debut book Welcome to Slumberland, about a moody Goth chick whose mundane existence suddenly becomes a lot added agitative when a adult advanced neighbor (who might again be a serial killer, but whatever) moves in abutting door.

When we interviewed McKInney, we instead begin her to be funny, frank, and, most importantly, ready to altercate the finer points of Kat Dennings‘ tits.

Read Skin Central’s interview with D. McKinney after the jump!

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Mr. Skin
Mr. Skin