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Final Desti-NUDE-tion: Mr. Skin’s Guide to the Final Destination Movies PICS

final woodSince Final Destination (2000) became a surprise hit, the teen horror
franchise has evolved into an unstoppable juggernaut of ever-more outrageous and artistic ways for rotten kids to accommodated their makers. Final Destination 5 opens in theaters this weekend, and rumor has it that Final Destination 6 and Final Destination 7 are already on the way.

The advanced skinstallment stars Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (seen at left), who 6 minutes in gets out of a car in a actual leggy- and actual low cut- outfit which draws lots of attention, espcially when Jacqueline takes off her shirt to acknowledge her atramentous bra. In position the sight of her sweater kittens completely erases your brain, she helpfully completes the scene by clarifying, “they’re called tits.” Ellen Wroe again appears as a adult gymnast who wears a tight top and teeny-tiny shorts as she exercises on the balance beam, which is no suspect about to impale her before flying at the audience.

Which Final Destination films should be your final desti-NUDE-tion? Find out after the jump!

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