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German Model Micaela Schafer Brings Back VHS [PICS]

schaefer 1We knew VHS would come back! It’s aloof all on Micaela Shafer now.

Michaela caused completely a stir this week on the bittersweet carpet when she wore this outfit, consisting of babyish added than magnetic tape and a skin belt, to the European premiere of Men in Black 3.

If you haven’t heard of Micaela (it’s ok, we hadn’t either), she is sort of the German equivalent of an Adrianne Curry- former Top Model reality-show contestant and current able attention-seeker…and yes, that’s areola peeking out there. Stay classy, Germany!

Of course, the top road to amuse attention is to booty your clothes off entirely, so please accord your full concentration to nude pics of Micaela Schafer after the jump!

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