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Gina Gershon’s Merkin is Named "Bertha"

gershon merkinGina Gershon personifies the sophisticated older woman. Sexy, confident and experienced, she knows exactly what she wants– and when it came age to film her advanced movie Killer Joe (2012), that identical certainty applied to her pubes.

In the opening scene of the movie, Gina’s appearance answers the door fatiguing a t-shirt on top and annihilation on the bottom, and alone the fluffiest of muff flaps would do:

The bigger the better, as I wanted my crotch to be the humor of this movie,” she says. After inspecting an array of merkins in a array of sizes and shapes, Gina finally settled on an especially bushy specimen she named Bertha, which according to the New York Daily News “was so hairy, it [looked] according a baby housecat.”

It’s glued on there aloof according a affected beard. And while I might own looked exposed, I actually felt actual protected, according I was fatiguing a ample bikini,” she says.

Of course, for Gina, fatiguing a pube wig is nothing. She has the SKINtastic distinction of appearing in not alone the aboriginal NC-17 movie to accept a mainstream release, Showgirls (1995), but again Bound (1996), which
was slapped with an NC-17 before it was cut for theaters, and any Killer Joe (2012), which spankfully was spared from the editing room and released uncut with an NC-17 rating.

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