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Is Sexy Fright Night Star Sandra Vergara REALLY Sofia Vergara’s Sister? PICS

sofia and sandraThey’re both Columbian, they’re both Vergaras, and they’re both super sexy. There’s no suspect about that. But according to Sofia Vergara, boobalicious star of Modern Family, the woman whom reporters own been calling her “younger sister,” Fright Night star Sandra Vergara (standing at left), isn’t really her sibling.

As it turns out, Sandra is actually Sofia’s cousin, but the two were raised together- Sandra was taken in by Sofia’s parents at an early age. Sofia’s agitated that Sandra isn’t manufacture the distinction in the press, basically accusing her soon-to-be-estranged relative of riding her big, round, adorable coconuts- er, coattails- to stardom.

Sandra has a adult role in the upcoming vampire remake Fright Night, including several scenes where she strips to her bra and one Colum-believable thong shot as she puts on a atramentous robe. Could she be purposefully playing up the Sofia commection to amuse added publicity for her role? Or is Sofia simply failing to appearance the adopted-sisterly love? Skin Central doesn’t really care, as continued as these addictive Columbian exports accumulate showing up on our computer screens!

Play com-bare and contr-ass with Sandra Vergara and Sofia Vergara after the jump!

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