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Kate Upton’s "Cat Daddy" Boobquake Sends Shock Waves ‘Round the Web [PIC, VIDEO]

upton cat daddy
Kate Upton set the ‘net on blaze yesterday (as she is wont to do) as she demonstrated the latest hip-hop dance craze (as she is again prone to doing), the “Cat Daddy“, for celebrity photographer/king pervert Terry Richardson while fatiguing a teeny bittersweet bikini.

That’s aloof another day at the office for this astoundingly adult 19-year-old DD wonder, but after reviewing the footage (oh so very) closely, our Skin Labs own been able to discern some advanced and completely SKINtimate advice about Kate: according to our Blu-ray ninja, Ms. Upton does her downtown in the Brazilian manner. Put that in your spank bank and whack it!

See Kate Upton’s “Cat Daddy” video after the jump!

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