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Kelly Brook Got Indecent Proposal-ed [PICS]

kelly brook cannes 1Kelly Brook is at the Cannes Film Festival this week,posing for paparazzi and modeling swimwear on yachts and aloof generally doing what Kelly Brook does. Ho hum. But there was one red-carpet incident this week that was (we assume) slightly out of the ordinary for the boobtastic Ms. Brook. As the UK’s Daily Mail tells it:

“[A] businessman…known alone as Frederic interrupted a photocall session which Brook was attending at the Majestic Barriere hotel and offered her a cheque for 1million Euros in return for ‘one night’ with her.

Brook was a bit abashed at aboriginal and anticipation it was annihilation added than a prank set up by [UK comedian Keith] Lemon – whose film she was promoting at the 65th Cannes Film Festival. But Frederic, who is said to be in his thirties, wouldn’t accord up and allegedly tried to grab the brunette.

‘Just one night! Please, one night! I own money!’ he shouted as Brook suddenly realized there was a problem…A bodyguard came to the rescue and escorted the man away and was ejected from the French hotel.”

See, usually wealthy businessmen own the sense to accomplish their Indecent Proposals to Kelly in private. And c’mon, a million Euros? That’ll be worth about three baguettes before long.

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