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Killer Joe To Be Released Uncut & NC-17 [PIC, VIDEO]

gershon nc-17The producers of William Friedkin‘s advanced movie Killer Joe (2011) are sticking to their guns.

The legendary director of The Exorcist submitted this “totally twisted deep-fried Texas redneck trailer grassland murder story” to the dreaded MPAA censorship board earlier this year, alone to be told that extensive cuts would be needed for an R rating.

But rather than cut the already-infamous “KFC scene” where Matthew McConaughey forces Gina Gershon to accord head to a chicken leg, the producers of Killer Joe own decided to wear the NC-17 adjudjing with pride and will be releasing the movie uncut and on timetable on July 27.

The NC-17 rating, continued considered a cinematic “kiss of death”, has been experiencing something of a resurgence lately: Shame (2011) earned solid box office despite its NC-17 adjudjing for graphic female and nudity, a design that Killer Joe is hoping to replicate. (This will be Gina’s second foray into NC-17 territory: she again co-starred in the 1995 SKINstant classic Showgirls.)

See the trailer for Killer Joe after the jump!

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