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Misty Beethoven Opens Wide for 2-Disc Special Edition [PICS]

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When we talked to Process Blue archivist Joe Rubin recently on the Mr. Skin blog, he mentioned that his company was partnering with classic adult distributor DistribPix on some agitative projects. Well, we’ve got an amend for you, and it’s certainly an agitative one:

DistribPix and Process Blue are wrapping up their restoration of Radley Metzger‘s The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976), the classic “Pygmalion porn” starring Constance Money (above) as a streetwalker who’s transformed into a female goddess by the actual hands-on Dr. Seymour Love (Jamie Gillis). Misty is one of the top (and biggest budget) adult features ever, and DistribPix is giving it an appropriately deluxe 2-disc appropriate edition that includes not alone the admirable HD restoration, but tons of appropriate features, too.

Now DIstribPix is polling (no pun intended) fans to gauge absorption in a potential Blu-ray release, so if you appetite to beam Misty in full HD, let them understand on their blog!

Find out added about DistribPix’s Misty Beethoven re-release, including the exclusive artwork, after the jump!

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