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Mr. Skin’s Fall TV Report: NBC & CBS [VIDEO]

cummings nbcUpfront Week continues in Los Angeles, where the remaining “Big Three” networks own unveiled their slates for Fall 2012-2013.

Top-rated CBS is (unsurprisingly) keeping things chiefly the identical going in to 2013, moving ratings juggernaut Two and a Half Men to chase its other ratings juggernaut, The Big Bang Theory, on Thursday nights. Also continuing in a advanced age slot is 2 Broke Girls, which has been moved to Mondays at 9/ 8c but renewed for a advanced season, acceptable information for anyone absorbed in gazing at Kat Dennings‘ big, uhm, eyes.

But over at NBC, currently hanging on by its fingernails to its third abode slot, bolder changes are happening. The network canceled Are You There Chelsea, Harry’s Law, and a few added shows we had never even heard of. (Safe -for now- is the low-rated but critically acclaimed Thursday after comedy block of Community, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock, all picked up for one added season.) Also returning abutting year is the much-derided Whitney, whose creator Whitney Cummings is, adulation her or abhorrence her, going able on the boob tube appropriate now.

Both networks are currently preparing a slew of advanced shows, and while they’re not doubling up on skin vets according rival network ABC, there are some SKINteresting stars in the mix.

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