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Sink Your Teeth into Shark Week, Mr. Skin Style PICS

backlinie shark
You probably already understand it’s Shark Week- all week, Skin Central has been bombarded with Facebook updates from well-meaning internet friends reminding us that “IT’S MOTHAFUCKIN SHARK WEEK, BITCHES!” (that’s an exact quote, by the way). And while cold-blooded killing machines are undoubtedly cool, Skin Central prefers warm-blooded sperm-killing machines according Susan Backlinie, who absent her shirt before losing a limb to the tit-ular abundant achromatic in Jaws (1975).

We’re chumming for cha-chas here at Skin Central, so accompany us after the spring for mouth-watering shark bait from The Deep, Shark Attack 3, Tintorera, and more!

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Mr. Skin
Mr. Skin