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top 100Exciting nudes from Skin Central! We’re compiling the skinfinitive list of our Top 100 Nude Celebrities of All Time, from Marilyn Monroe to Amanda Seyfried, and Uncle Skin wants YOU to throw your vote!

Just check out our Top 100 Nude Celebrities of all Time page, where we’ve compiled the hottest nude clips from our 100 nominudes, from Hollywood’s top A-list actresses to totally fundamental ’80s babes to drive-in queens of the ’70s. While you’re there, throw your vote for your absolute favorite nude celebrity, and you’ll be entered to achievement an iPad 2!

Voting will abide until August 17, when we’ll announce the rankings- and the lucky winner of the iPad 2.
Even if you don’t achievement the iPad 2, you could achievement slippery, smooth prizes from our super-slick sponsor Astroglide- and assurance us, you’ll charge all the lube you can amuse when you beam the smokin’ ardent actresses competing for the title of top nude celebrity of ALL TIME.

This is the ample show, folks, so don’t delay- Join for FREE, watch, vote and achievement on our Top 100 Nude Celebrities of All Time page. It’s that easy!

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