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My friend

Today I’m 25 age mature and my agname is Smit and I’ll impart you guys this story, it all started with a wager on the video pastime when I was 16, I was at my acquaintance Garry, who again had 16 years, were playing video pastime when he suggested a bet, whoever won the pastime with added points would own as a reward for blow. Established rules; worth the top of three falls, the loser could put something (strawberry preserve or condensed milk) in the winner’s stick to suck it and suck it would be at least two minutes.
Made the rules were alone started playing at his abode so we put this mess. We took off our clothes and sit side by side on his bed, the TV was in the room comfortable. While playing one another masturbate while the two we were already actual solid to stick despite the privacy Garry I never had any homosexual accord before, the concept of the wager alone came as we were watching some porn magazines and were successful. I started playing, I missed the first, Garry had already left the condensed milk in the set of bed and was soon lying and told me, with milk or without milk?! I was super afraid but ready to continue. He answered with milk! Then he turned slowly with a can of milk manufacture his cock activity all smeared, I began to lick his cock which was actual tasty, was about 17cm, traveled from base to all the babyish head licking condensed milk that dripped with alone the tip the tongue, kissed his babyish head and he gobbled up entire and sucked all the condensed milk that had passed him, it was again eyeing the clock to understand if it was age to stop, aloof before the age runs out to suggest that not scored Garry In time, he was surprised, and said okay, I sucked for a few minutes leaving his cock clean, I asked this age a babyish preserve and licked her all seger again to turn off the TV and video game, as what I appetite already begin he then realized that I had really liked the affair and asked me to be of four that he wanted my ass, added obeyed promptly asked for caution was still a virgin. Garry then put a bit of condensed milk on your finger and smeared my ass and then I felt that admirable tongue licking me, he then took what was already able-bodied lubricated and pressed the head of his dick and was slowly pushing, I was activity up inch by inch leaned his hip on my ass, but it aching the pleasure he was activity was much higher after he took a babyish bit and put again, faster and faster. He fucked me in that position for nearly fifteen minutes and had not yet accumulated. As we were already actual annoyed and sweaty, lay on the bed and started riding him, and again sat down with arm and roll with all brand his cock inside me until Garry then held me by the waist and pulled her against body and told me it would take, could not wait to touch it inside me, it was delightful, a ardent jet was a most acute heat I could touch in the womb, Garry middle and with a faint smile at the corner of the mouth asked me if I liked, even without leaving upon it lay on his chest and gave a affable peck on her mouth. We lay for some minutes without speaking a spell. Garry then got up and went to the bathroom to bathe, entered and shut the door and before continued opened it again and called me, and there accomplish not you come?!, I got out of bed with his legs wobbly headed for the bathroom. In the shower Garry asked me I will let you shave the hairs on my ass but asked him to let me shave his pubes, he again accepted, as his cock looked even bigger. He left four on the bidet and hungrily licked my ass, I came to was too horny to howl. We booty an invigorating shower and headed to the room again. Garry then started questioning me if I was alert if he had had female with another man, as he had estranged my reaction by saying that I acted according a professional. A babyish abashed again told him that he had never crossed my apperception to accomplish what I did, and it was certainly accurate as until I begin odd, I anticipate drunk with lust, then the conversation had ended there. Later analog a movie on TV in the room while we were having dinner, but we were still naked, sat on the couch added and Garry ate with the plate in his hand under the couch, he finished his dinner and asked me what he had to “eat” the dessert, laughed a lot and went back to his bed but did not own sex, it was after erase all the abode lights in the darkness and we were aloof kissing and caressing in suddenly starts to pour and Garry remembers that his brobdingnagian had recommended that in position of pour for him to collect a big rug that was drying on the wall of the funds. We got up and went to the yard, naked, accumulate the carpet and back to rain, we were kissing in the aphotic with baptize falling on us, I grabbed a chair Garry area to sit and sat on his circuit facing him manufacture movement coming and going actual slowly, I felt his cock harden again and fondly Garry guided it up my ass, I rode it completely activity everything inside of me, we were occasionally illuminated by flashes of pour that falls. I felt that the enjoyment was already coming and Garry asked to prove their nectar, then he rose and put his dick in my mouth and held my head against your body, I started sucking him madly, then felt the taste of your cum in my mouth, mixed with pour water, the taste was not bad, so I was enjoying what was super aflame about that bearings swallow and not squander anything. Finally we went inside and took another ardent bath and went to sleep together, sleep with two stones. The abutting morning, kinda absent me goodbye and went to my abode and I was thinking a lot about what he had done, I even affliction and swear to myself that this would never happen again. Demou but not much, aloof after lunch Garry arrives at my abode with his mother, I confess that I was terrified thinking that she would own discovered everything and was there to impart my mom, but my abhorrence was soon dispelled, the brobdingnagian went to Garry my abode to buzz permission for my mom to let me activity with them to the farm of his uncle that Garry was in a town near ours.

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