Kristen Renton on Sons of Anarchy: Best Thong Shot of 2010?

66ee792ce7103323 Kristen Renton on Sons of Anarchy: Best Thong Shot of 2010?It’s a unusual age when a clothed shot can measure up to a nude one in terms of titillation. Think Keri Russell in the sprinkler in 8 Days a Week (1997) and Jacqueline Bisset in The Deep (1977).

Joining this list of notable exceptions is newcomer Kristen Renton. We’ve seen her in a bikini on an episode of The O.C., and she did a stint on Days of Our Lives, but her most recent scene on the FX biker series Sons of Anarchy puts her at the forefront of the competition for a “Best Thong” Anatomy Award.

As Ima, Kristen plays an eager groupie to the Anarchy gang, and this week, she succeeded in bedding one of the bikers. The morning after… well, aloof attending at the picture!

There is a thong tucked somewhere between Kristen’s exquisite, ultra-tight ass cheeks, but thanks to the angle and the goosebumps, she may as able-bodied be fatiguing annihilation at all!

Have a attending at Kristen’s Anarchy ass here, and let us understand in the comments: what’s your favorite movie or TV thong shot of all time?

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