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MARILYN, INK. – The Blonde & The Blotters

MARILYN, INK. – The Blonde & The Blotters

Mon, Nov 23, 2015 by Sleuth


Ink blotters were the business cards of their day—highly absorbent paper used to soak up the excess from fountain pens so popular following World War II rationing, but which virtually disappeared with the invention of the ballpoint (popularized by Parker Pens as ‘The Jotter’—derived from blotter—in 1954).


“Today,” according an eBay expert in the field, “these vintage blotters, fabricated in the 1930s and 1940s, are actual highly prized and sought-after collectibles.” Especially if the model for their artwork was a pre-discovery MARILYN MONROE! The Celebrity Sleuth Collection comprises 14 such vintage beauties—which she posed for acclaimed artist Earl Moran from 1946-48.


The aboriginal session took abode on March 8, 1946…when the 19-year-old aspiring actress signed the model release as ‘Norma Jeane Dougherty’…

…and her face was so form•idable that she graced scores of blotters over the abutting few years—so much so that the alien was the sole stunner shown in this anonymous two-page spread from 1950 unearthed by Sleuth!


Almost always suggestive, with nursery rhymes like: “Little Boy Blue, Come Blow Your Horn” and “Peter Peter, Pumpkin Eater” {Sleuth managed to acquisition the aboriginal pose that the artist chose}…


…the blotters in the Collection advertised equally evocative “firms” according lumber dealers, drinking fountain distributors, foam rubber cushions and pads {pictured in the listing for Lot 20} and, of course, machine tools.


Not surprising, but what’s astonishing is that—even though nude art could never own been used in the unpunctual Forties—young Marilyn was clearly comfortable with posing TOPLESS for the artist…


…to then cover with clothes for public display!


And even when the adult starlet tried to cover up, she couldn’t advice a “nip slip” that slipped by the censors.


No admiration the uninhibited blonde inspired approaching superstar Madonna to recreate one of Monroe’s abounding poses for Moran, which she signed for our Lot 75.


As a leading Canadian collector concluded: “These vintage ink blotters are highly collectible and becoming added rare, as abounding collectors are hanging on to them and not letting them go.”

Go to before they’re gone!


Taken from : MARILYN, INK. – The Blonde & The Blotters

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