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TV Nudity Report: Outlander & the Early Return of Penny Dreadful

Apparently even Game of Thrones needs a week off from nudity every any and again, though thankfully we’ve got a truly reliable series and the return of a advanced skin favorite to pick up the slack!

Outlander aloof keeps the acceptable times, and you, coming, this week giving us another terrific topless scene from Lotte Verbeek who gets stripped and crowd surfs after being accused of being a witch! She’ll turn you into a newt!Verbeek1Verbeek2

And speaking of witches, while Showtime’s Penny Dreadful doesn’t officially return for its second season until May 3, subscribers got a candied sneak peek at the second season’s aboriginal episode this weekend and a quartet of witches played by Olivia Chenery, Nicole O’Neill, Charlotte Beckett, and Sarah Greene all went tits out for the ample debut!Chenery1ONeill1Beckett1Greene2

This article : TV Nudity Report: Outlander & the Early Return of Penny Dreadful

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