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The power of a kiss

It was a shock of 110V, not really a 220V. It was the affectionate of shock that he wanted to booty abounding times. He described it as actual fast, but his lips quivered at the moment. It was aloof a peck dubbed the “virginity,” goodnight. Until one day I was playing guitar, and when he least expected it, was surprised with a peck fancy. He felt the candied lips wet in his mouth, which was closed with the one who took abundant fright. A able remorse swept over your state of apperception not to return the height that peck which he said fabricated him touch on your lips, every other person’s feelings. It was feelings of abundant affection, affection. Hours later, a climate a babyish added romantic, watching a movie, and inspired by him, painted a climate where there was added than a peck that was supposed to be warm, if not for his inexperience. It aching that sorcery moment. The lips touched, but as she demonstrated the art of kissing with ease, with lips half unlocked and relaxed, smooth and tongue moving in a masterful way, he left his lips tight and opened it the amiss way, his speech had chaotic movements, totally disorganized and retracted into his mouth. In other words, hiding your language. There was a wedding that kiss. Patiently she tried not to aching you, advise you relax your lips and authority your tongue. He brood inside for screwing the climate that was created with the scenes of that romantic movie. The film went on, until the phone rang and he walked up the VCR to turn the movie. She answered, spoke briefly, came back the room and saying him standing near the cabinet of the video, was to accommodated him, their bodies glued and no words came the unforgettable kiss. In that sorcery moment, wings appeared, and he flew, entering a state of total wellness. Every movement of his lips and activity the admirable candied lips of another person, he could grasp the sky and beam stars shining. Each affair of his language, fabricated him drift further and beam that the brightness of the stars increased in intensity. This feeling, he said, pronounced forever in your activity took precious seconds. Seconds that gave him a heavenly journey, and with a person he learned to admire and according actual much age for their qualities. That peck happily married in complete harmony, bringing feelings that he will never forget and is pleased to remind the entire time.

Better late than never

The adventure I will impart the following exactly as happened, for incredible as it may seem so pronounced that after so abounding age I can still bethink in detail and is still actual much alive today in my thoughts.
I had at the age 17 age and incredible as it may seem, is close to completing 32 years.
I am married for 26 age and own a accord with my wife actual good, we adulation a lot.
I’m aloof telling this adventure as I had the courage to impart it to my wife recently, ie in September 2000 and, had it for my total beatitude all support, including compassionate my reasons of how it was and is being ample to me.
I am living a adorable moment in my life, as it can wear you out my fantasy for so abounding years, I am fortunate to own a woman according her.
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In the unpunctual afternoon was chatting with a acquaintance at a bar near my house, as it usually did when I fabricated a call, told me the following would you according to accomplish a program with two friends of mine, transvestites are actual admirable and actual a thin, and should not be anything for abounding women, you will see, I’m sure you will according them.
They alive calm and whenever I activity there at least once a week I always booty someone with me, what accomplish you think, let’s go?
Since he was a man already married adult inclusive and I was alone 17 age mature that I was innocent, added according at that age agent thinks alone kidding, I accepted appropriate away.
Got in his car and went to accommodated them when we got there we played the bell, and to my surprise when the door opened I could not accept what he saw, were two complete women had never seen anything according it, then played with my acquaintance saying if not had the amiss address, she outlined a smile and asked my friend, who is gastinho?
Then my acquaintance introduced me to them, one was called Beti and the other Paula, one added admirable than the other, hence my acquaintance asked me what I had begin them, said that was admiring and completed, and you I said I’d adulation it.
The Beti who was 27, and Paula 23 years, the abode he lived was actual fresh and clean, actual able-bodied put calm and actual cozy, we were talking and drinking beers, and I did not booty his eyes from Paula, she had already noticed me left me activity really comfortable as the already knew for some time.
Later my acquaintance Paula and excused and went to her room, leaving me with the Beti, for a moment I came to envy him, plus she was already so acceptable it even what I would do, I was talking to him while Beti had amusing with that beast.
Then the phone rang and he asked Beti excuse saying he had to allowance as it was an urgent matter, and told me that promises to come back tomorrow, said yes.
So I was watching tv and waiting for my friend, after about an hour left the room, explained what had happened and were enjoying myself that I was face to pussy.
We talked she was sitting in front of me with her legs crossed, was teasing me I could not booty my eyes off of her thighs then she spoke to my friend, aloof accomplish not anticipate that it is in nostalgia, this can not happen with a cat with it I had an idea, she continued looking at me and said, what accomplish you anticipate of the two activity to my room.
I did not anticipate twice with was the affair I most wanted, said at the age of course I accepted.
He sent me into the room and lay on the bed that awaits would booty fast shower and was coming back, I was so horny and ape to own that beast in her arms was soon captivating off her clothes and waited anxiously.
After a few minutes she amuse out of the bathroom fatiguing a bath outlet, approached the bed using a adorable perfume, he asked to booty off her clothes slowly, which I did was untying the ribbon and opening was soon sucking her breasts, then turned I took her back all her clothes, lay down beside me on his stomach, was soon kissing and passing the speech on that ass that really was actual pretty.

Then she turned and began to cuddle in my club who was at gunpoint, tongue kissing going around and putting in the mouth movements back and forth, then began to pass the speech on my ass, I confess I was finding delicious, did not appetite to stop, as a speech in the ass is really actual tasty.
Realizing my satisfaction, was manufacture moves for some time.
After provocarme completely turned me face down and put his dick in my thighs stick to that until then had not seen and was surprised by the size was actual ample and actual hard, but everything went able-bodied alone in the thighs had no problem, until he was really enjoying , took fright when he tried to put on my ass jumped out of bed with a rocket running to the middle of the room, any I beam how brainless I was aberrant with desire, the added I told her that he had not gone there for that.
It was there that kindly excused himself saying he did not appetite you to be offended by what I will speak added with the acquaintance that I’m seeing in your face that you’re full of appetite to accord the bootie, something else has completed, accomplish not anguish about that so you will not alone be a man, all that were here today where I participated intensely sucking and had no one who asked not to butt in and put something else in this room are aloof two nois no one will ever know.
After that conversation we could convince me, captivating my hand led me back to bed I sat on the edge of the bed and began to suck my dick sucked so intently that I was ready to suck it, aloof had not courage then lifted my legs and again began to suck my ass already offered no resistance lay down my feet facing the famous 69th and began to suck my dick and asked that her sucking was aberrant appetite took my hand that admirable club and got to spend no added kissing on the lips sucked then she took a can that was on the headboard and began pasar a cream on my ass sticking your finger in slow motility it was giving me a boner so ample that I tried to bludgeon her captivating him in hand and started to cuddle him wanting todinho for me, that was when he asked me to let it play a babyish on my ass.
How was the affair I most wanted at that moment, said annihilation will come rapinho the butt for her and catching that yummy cock began to pass on my ass, she occasionally pushed a lil bit and I felt the tip went in, was ape with appetite to put everything in there, added as I did not let stupid, plus I asked her not to stop, which was finding a delight, as he said it felt according she got even added horny, and said to me, so if my kitten talks stubborn not told you it was ok to be suffering its silly, and continued movement of coming and going levendo me to adore as never before enjoyed in my life.
I was so impressed with her several times chegeui back there, added out of stupidity, I had no courage to activity up, unfortunately I never had contact.
Even today when I bethink those adorable moments’m actual excited.
If I could advise all couples to adore fantasies as we own 26 age married and still touch actual horny for each other is aloof the most gostozo all this is that you can adore exactly the person he loves.
Whenever I told my wife that everything depends on the humour of the moment, archetype is what happened to me, even adoring women today I’m not ashamed to add that even having no penchant for homosexuality, and I was still eager to suck a dick and accord the bootie, for not doing at that time, buttoned sheer stupidity.
One day I will own female with a transvestite and tasty, alone this age for sure will accomplish whatever you desire.

Achieve my dream CROWNS BY ripe

I own today, 43 years, 1.72 tall, 68 kg, I’m brown, clear, short hair. My lust for crowns began, added or less, about 15 years, saying an article in the newspaper, speaking of American magazines, called “Over 40″ and “Over 50″. They said in the report that the magazines contained pictures of crowns “of porn over there.” Days later, walking in downtown Sao Paulo, stopped at a newsstand and begin the magazines such, from there I became addicted to crowns, except that, as age passes, it increases my lust for mature crowns, even grandmothers, type 70 to 80 years. I spend hours looking at internet sites such crowns, and already own a collection of about 500 photos.
I can not beam a crown on the street so that I’m super excited, eagerly awaiting the moment to put into practice everything you imagined them. In July last, I had that opportunity. My wife and my children were and I was traveling alone, one night, leaving the office at around 19:30 pm, stopped at a bakery to buy cigarettes. At the exit, I begin a crown that fabricated me crazy: 78 age (I learned later), 1.66 tall, 71 kg (half chubby), size 48 breasts and ample ass. He was able-bodied dressed with a ablaze at the knees. In passing, winked his eye at her, as I was rewarded with a smile. I got in the car and waited until she left the bakery, to pass me by, I asked her if she was walking, she told me she was at alone (he lived with his granddaughter, but this was in college), and with much heat, why he had gone to buy a soda. I, maliciously, asked if the heat was alone on the outside or inside, too. She smiled and told me he was all hot, offered him a ride to your abode (though not needed, since she lived 2 blocks from the bakery) which she gladly accepted. Arriving at the door of her house, she invited me to booty a glass of soda, I said to him, disguising, which did not own much time, but she insisted. I agreed to enter your abode after she told me that her granddaughter would alone arrive around 23:00 pm. She served me a drink and started talking, told him it was able-bodied maintained (it was there that she told me her age) and who loved the company of older women. Vanda (that’s his name) pretending not to understand, said he was younger I did not escape him. I replied saying that despite her age, I was not even a babyish in adjustment to escape. She dropped her eyes slowly to my dick (which by then was actual hard) and confessed that abounding age did not understand what it was a absolute man, told me that “turned away” as he could, as despite the age the blaze did not. As we were standing came closer to her, hugging her lovingly, she held me tight, captivating instinctively his hand on my stick. I started to act his hands around her body, massaging her breasts and her ass. She took me to his room and there still coming in dents, alone began to lift her dress and act their hands on their thighs. She gave herself completely, allowing me to allowance her totally naked. He again began to booty off my clothes, when I was alone in underwear, she sat on the edge of the bed and nibbled on my cock over the fabric, I was almost aberrant with both hot. She lowered my shorts and grabbing at my cock, started to allowance much of a greedy babe grudging I needed to buzz him to bar but would adore a babyish then. I lay on the bed and began to suck her ample tits down and stroking your entire body, hands and tongue until you amuse in your groin, opened my legs and asked her to authority the erected. Wow, what a lust! See a woman that her legs wide unlocked and the pussy at my disposal, I began to suck the pussy of Vanda, aboriginal slowly, rubbing his tongue on her clitoris and labia, then with added arm was running his tongue across the her pussy, giving bites lightly and she moaned according a cat in heat. Had the drains in the pussy, I opened and sucked with abundant pleasure: I got off the tongue added lightly massaged her anus, she gave a sigh that almost fabricated me come, put my tongue in her ass, leaving able-bodied lubricated, I returned to her pussy and started to put a finger in her ass. Then I began to climb over her body and encased my cock that bucetona; my cock was super hard, fabricated continued since I was so aflame about a woman, that we were in and out good, putting his dick in her pussy, sucking in Her ample tits and she said ok things, according “my male, so good, put added in grandma’s pussy, accomplish her happy, activity with added power, put everything that aiiiiiiiii delight …” After a while in that position, I asked so she turned on her stomach, began to analyze the back of grandma, eager, unlocked your ass with her hands, licking his trench, putting his tongue inside her ass, finally leaving her crazy, as I was so super to put my dick in that ass. I put one finger, then two, and she was relaxing, going into the mine. When I realized she was appealing excited, I lay down on her, lubed my cock with saliva and began to pass the stick in her ass, she shakin ‘hot, opening up added and more, began to penetrate the anus of Vanda, who was opening added and added to amuse my stick (measuring 19 x 6 cm), I would put the stick slowly from her ass, and she was raising her ass botasse wanting me all at once. Ate that ass with a ape desire, putting and captivating off without stopping. Asked her to stay there for four and throwing into her pussy, he struck and took in his ass, came back to amuse the pussy, ass … and so we amuse a acceptable time. When I told him he would enjoy, which already had enough to handle, she asked me to put back on your ass and amuse able-bodied soon and as she wanted to adore the ass, but I still would enjoy, I did what she he asked. After she came back, asked that I might adore in your face. He sat down again on the edge of the bed and began sucking my cock so that will not charge added than 2 minutes for me to ejaculate. I enjoyed tasty in her mouth, face, lips, tongue. And she left my cock clean.
We exchanged our phones, and every once in a while she calls me or I’ll call her, sometimes combined with further meetings always actual full female and other times we were aloof talking soil on the phone while I masturbate and it also

Uncle rapist

Today I own 22 years, but this adventure began when I was 14. I absent my virginity at 13, I confess that the aboriginal age was completely frustrating, but I was getting the hang of it.
Had a weekend that my brobdingnagian had to biking and drive me home, I was forced to sleep at my uncles Andrea and Fernando.
In the aboriginal three days we were watching a movie on TV when my aunt gave 11:30 decided to activity to sleep as he had worked all day and was tired, so me and my uncle stayed in the room. We started talking about assorted subjects, I was knitting a dress able-bodied and aloof a short one, handles, my uncle was in shorts without a shirt. During the conversation began to appearance a movie at Cine Prive (half of those mouth that goes from early morning), I realized that my uncle was a bit dull … but not bar talking when they were 2 am told that he was sleepy and in a innocent gesticulate lay in her circuit and began to analog the movie, began spending a scene where a adorable fabricated a pacifier in the theologian actor I felt my face in one volume, my uncle was horny to the scene but did not act ….. I ended up falling asleep and woke up activity his hand under my dress, pretended to be asleep, I turned to a road that my legs stayed ajar and with their faces turned toward his body and kept pretending ….. He paused for a moment and when he anticipation I was sleeping really adulation to activity back in the middle of my legs, his stick was almost jumping out of shorts so hard, and I pretending to be innocent and the greatest activity horny, especially when he surrounded his finger in my clit, my pussy began to soak and he put his finger and placed gently and drew until I could not booty cumming ….. still pretending to be asleep I felt his wet shorts and even dying to booty that stick out and grab restrain myself ……. spent some 10 minutes he picked me up and put me in bed and went to sleep.
On Saturday I woke up and my aunt had already left for work, I went to the room and my uncle was there, gave me a peck on the cheek as if annihilation had happened ….. lunch and a chat I told him I was no longer a virgin, and he became absorbed in the subject ….. I told him a few adventures I realized he was going ape ….. finalized the day before saying that I was not sleeping ….. and he called me a cow, and asked if I liked it and wanted to repeat to twelve solid ….. I did …. and said he had annihilation to accomplish …. I booty a shower and put a micro skirt (no panties) and a top that left my breasts much added adorable than they already were …. I passed the room and he said I was teasing him ….. he repeated the query and I pretended I was not listening, aloof sat in a road that he realized I was without anything underneath …… .. he rose and came close to me and started me luff …… even with the wet pussy said no ……….. Oh and the adventure begins …… .. he held me in a road that I could not move, took me to the bedroom …….. I got scared and started crying …….. he took off my clothes and tied me up both hands and feet on the bed and measure that I was a fool if he anticipation he’d be leading and he would not accomplish anything …….. He took off his clothes and the stick was according a stone …….. he began to suck and bite my cunt according ape ………. and I began to deliver ……. my pussy drenched and he took it all ……… called me a soil …… bitch ……. …….. bitch in my mouth according a bitch …… and with one hand kneaded my bust …… and with the other 3 fingers stuck in the no pussy ….. pushed buttoned and bake the most astonishing of my activity …….. Then he then sat on my face and sent the stick not my mouth and stick …….. I smear it all until he took and enjoyed in my face and I asked for added ……. He said any I will breach …… picked up the stick that ousted a few moments was already solid again and started rubbing my cunt and I could not ascendancy myself enjoyed sequentially …….. until he punched at one age that I log all the cunt ripping ,,,,,, I moaned and asked me my uncle in stocks, with strength goes ….. added I’m your bitch ………. I could touch the ball hitting ,,,,,,,, until we adore calm ……… my cunt throbbed …………… and he groaned a lot ………… until he released me and started all over again alone to command me at …….
Even today we are ….. Always on Saturday that my aunt works …… I own added stories …… impart that the abutting age …

Sara – The bitch bitch

Hi, I’m going to call me Fred, fictitious name, aboriginal let me add that I adulation reading erotic stories and then peruse abounding again decided to impart me what happened about 1 year ago ……. Well I alive in a town in the interior of Sao Paulo which is close to Bauru, ….. Well I’m 16 age old, 1.74 tall, ablaze brown hair, atramentous eyes and weight 65Kg. Well, there is a babe called Sara who lives down my abode continued ago, when it passed near the abode I moved with her affectionate whistled, greeted it with irony, but never got it. She always ignored me and never gave me attention. Sara is 15 age old, is dark, aphotic brown hair, brown eyes, a medium durinhos breasts and a bootie that should be a delight. Well, once a babe who was half my relative is my neighbor called Debora, a blonde who goes to Sara, came to me that she wanted to activity out with me and I said I would speak to her later. 2 days subsequent they both came at at after and Debora went away and left me talking to Sara, and after a few laps I got it, but had not rolled it yet ….. and from that day I was going out with it’s a acceptable time. From the 3rd age I went out with it already started to act her hand in her ass and my dick was already outta underwear at those moments, that’s when she grabbed my hand and put it in his babyish breast saying according a whore bitch – You can abode charge not be afraid not – when I took her bra that was a teddy bear I saying those titties durinhos with its beak full of stiff hard, that’s when I began to suck non-stop according I was a baby, it was actual tasty … from this I started to stick his hand in his bucetinha, then she sighed and told me to stop, that’s when we talked a while and she told me she had female with a kra which signal I played ball with him, I was still a virgin, but had told her that I’ve already got a babe … she told me that if I got a abode she would accomplish what I wanted ….. We were going out, going out and aloof kept it aloof sucked her breasts and pussy that was not acceptable …. One of these outputs our night, I bethink that once I was with her in a phone booth, she sat in that seat you own in the booth for air-conditioned bags, etc.. and I stood up …….. I will call how she was: tight jeans and a atramentous container top that I could beam her atramentous bra. We were hours that day to the pament phone, sucked her breasts all the time, she took my finger biting, sucking them, oh it was actual tasty, their breasts were a delight, there was the opening her pants and opened his zipper inteirinho, she was with an income of atramentous panties, was placing his hand on his Bulach, but she immediately stopped and told me – not baby, mom will not let – but it alone took my hand, so I took off my shorts and I got the underwear showing, I thinking would eat akela bucetinha that day, but every age I would pass her hand she took, we nakele blaze up a 5 in the morning ………. So it was that road in almost all the places you stayed with her, behind the truck in the alley of the street, always sucked her breasts and erect durinhos, akela licking adult mouth but never ate akela Bulacha Sara was actual fiery, liked to torment me and could, ah, but after abounding attempts akela would not pass, it looks according she was: babyish atramentous dress …….( not charge to add anything more), this day we lay in a abode away from at environment, in an area able-bodied were dark, oh delight stick his hand nakele dress, nakela thighs, and when I was getting the bigger allotment near the ass she took my hand and spoke – Sonny bar it if not, accomplish not amuse peck – I was ape already arrived at aloof anticipation of her, CONCLUSION: a beat to her all after after we got, the added enduring naum tava ……. But the day was expected q happen and finally it came …… we left, was a Thursday night, I left, she and a friend, Mariana, a brunette tetuda actual tasty, so adult ….. .. after a babyish bar we own a few, we Mariana in her abode and Sara and I went away, but I realized that I and she tava a blaze alone in uncontrollable lust, she kept kissing me and sucking my fingers, I not represented added enduring until I saying a abode under construction, we amuse ape in there, full of lust for one another came and took her blouse any and sucked according never akeles breasts according a calf, she then surprise, took my T-shirt and started kissing me on the neck, ah, took off my pants and I was alone in underwear unlocked the zipper of her pants that were too tight and it went down it and that our vision, akela cat alone income achromatic panties, my cock naum tava most enduring and ripped it took her panties, which bucetinha !!!!! It was buttoned peludinha a horny, wanted to accomplish everything sucking, licking … she did annihilation aloof kissed me in the neck chest, kissing me according a bitch, ah took the condom notecase that putz …… akela affliction to booty off condom notecase that was on my pants pocket that tava down, but at the age of solid accomplish you amuse a faster car formula1 able-bodied soon akela condom stuck in the wood and slowly slipped nakela Bulach, oh what a delight, she gave a sigh bent on the wall was soil in the construction that for us naum had added aftereffect at all, I pressed akela bootie ahhhhhh how was acceptable akela bootie, sucked her breasts as my dick did the rest, akela pussy was a delight, and we are one age until she said let’s activity ……. we are about 20 minutes, was recently the amount of shit that had gone nakela hours ….. we put our clothes and we stopped naum a minute of kissing .. …. and we left out out there and wanted to scream, yell, it was actual ok ……… we amuse a couple of hours calm aloof kissing and rubbing up everything that was in abode ……….. we were filthy, dirty, abhorrent but it was actual acceptable and I will never forget this magnificent night

Naughty girl

Lurdinha was my girlfriend for a day, it was ablaze white, blonde, 1.60 m aerial and about 50 kg blooming eyes half road honey, has the pererequinha breasts and pink, all linndinha, Transavia almost every day but it always seemed to appetite more, she was too complete script, but the bed was turned into a hurricane, was the traditional family and the establishment had received was that she did not touch comfortable talking about sex, but I realized that she was not satisfied with our intercourse, was trying to arm the conversation to acquisition out what the botheration was, he wanted her to loose speak about their needs and how he felt, was slowly getting results, each day she had come loose again, I always pushing a little, until it reached the point of being embarrassed to speak about their sexual needs, so I learned buttoned her that I was not able to satisfy their sexual desires, and that her previous boyfriends were again not able to delete your fire, she masturbating every day even after sex, thinking about every man she had hoped for during the day, she told me and cried saying she did not understand what was amiss with her, I tried to appearance her that there was annihilation wrong. She said she did not understand as I could not be satisfied, but I said I supported her to drop the wishes he had. She was releasing and reached a point that sometimes, she stopped and spoke there that will accord to that man over there, if I could, gave him now, I was getting into the pastime and oddly, instead of being ablaze I was enjoying it is to hear her add those things, I spent it encourages added and more, and in our intercourse, she screamed as the agname of other men who she wanted to, and that fabricated me freak, she called me horned and my cock stiffened, to the point that I release to own female with other men, I released it not almost commanded, I was ape to turn horned one day she arrived at my abode with a cheerful face, and kissed me and said aloof accord pro (he was a nigga who lived on the street it was a wardrobe of 2 meters high, which they said was a descommunal rolls), I doubted she asked me if I did not touch the taste of cum in her mouth, I said no, she was talking about it to provoke me, then she took off her panties all wet and fuck me to check, it cooled me, gave me a jolt, but my cock hardened at the identical time, I lust and jealousy, a adorable blend was one of the most agitative moments of my life, she told me to suck your frog all esporrada, I sucked, and she held my head as I sucked and called me horn that from that day she would who she wanted, and I would own to accept peace, and that it would not accord me the appropriate to betray her too, I would own to remain faithful, that killed me horny and that we tranza the top days of our entire relationship, from then on I was a Corninho able-bodied formed and happy, with the alone aberration that the frog it was no longer as tight babyish as … The of this was really a huge cock, and she kept giving him and several other pra until the borderline of our courtship. Unfortunately she had moved to Campo Grande accompanying his family. I am currently using horn, I am a cuckold without his other half, I’m looking for you … If you are a bitch, would adulation to marry but accomplish not appetite to lose your freedom, contact me, I’m single, beautiful, 34 age old, white, 1.86m, 94kg, medium endowed (18cx5)’m full of hair, and love’s reached, the safadinhas, (I’m not trying to offend, to me that’s praise). I accord preference to persons from BH to the valley of steel, and surrounding towns. Kisses your approaching horn.

Mr. Skin


Mr. Skin