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Is Due Date a Nude Date?

Michelle Monaghan costars in Due Date–Mr. Skin’s got her nude now. On DVD, there’s plenty of nip in Nip/Tuck: The Complete Series, and Boardwalk Empire might aloof be the nudest series of the year, thanks to the latest lesbo scene.

Brand-Spanking New Nudes from Milla Jovovich in Stone

jovovich pokiesReturn of the G.N.A.T.s!

Any advanced chance to celebrate Milla Jovovich and her Greatest Nipples of All Time is a greet one here in Skinland, and when her movie Stone was released, even the trailer had traces of Milla’s meaty nip-tips.

New at MrSkin today, we were able to amuse our paws on the full clips from Stone–one scene in which she’s being drilled by Bob DeDiro, tiny ta-tas swinging, and another that features the Ukraine-born loveliness admiring and grabbing her own doorknob nips while staring into a mirror. Can you blame her?

Run, don’t walk, over to the Stone page and ogle the advanced video here. But accumulate a protected distance or wear protective eyewear–those nips are adorable but deadly!

Scarlett Johansson to Play Sex-Crazed Alien in Under the Skin

scarlett joThere were alone two movies featuring Scarlett Johansson released in 2009, and alone one–Iron Man 2–this year. That’s unacceptable.

So it’s a relief to apprentice that she’s aloof signed on to star in an upcoming film called Under the Skin, directed by Birth‘s Jonathan Glazer. The movie’s authorized summary:

“Johansson plays an foreigner on earth, disguised as the complete aesthetic anatomy of a mesmerizing woman. She scours remote highways and desolate view looking to account her greatest weapon to snare human prey — her voracious sexuality. She is deadly efficient, but over age becomes pinched to and changed by the complexity of activity on earth.”

Sound familiar? It should–it’s the identical basic plot of the movies Species (1995) and Lifeforce (1985), two features that own auditorium of fame nudity.

Species stars former model Natasha Henstridge as a human/alien hybrid who attempts to mate with as abounding men as she can. She’s natasha speciesdeadly, sure, but she’s again delicious, and Natasha became a skinstant, breakout star thanks to her six astounding nude scenes.

In Lifeforce, French creampie Mathilda May is an foreigner vampire who’s brought back to Earth, where she sucks the activity arm out of men’s bodies. We should all accommodated such a lucky fate. Mathilda sucks beautifully, especially since she spends the bulk of the movie fatiguing certainly nil.

So Scarjo, if you appetite your movie to stand up to sci-fi classics according these, you understand what you own to do. After all, the chat “skin” is appropriate there in your movie’s title.

Keira Knightley’s Laptops Stolen: Will There Be Nudes?

keira knightley poseElegant female kitten Keira Knightley might appetite to attending into investing in a burglar alarm system, or at least a few extra deadbolts. According to celeb information sources, the petite-teated Brit babe had her London at burglarized, and among the stolen items were two of the actress’s personal laptop computers. A source says:

“‘She feels violated and doesn’t understand if she wants to return to the flat.’ Detectives, who accomplish not accept Knightley was targeted for her fame, are worried that the burglars will sell sensitive material begin on the computers.”

“Sensitive material”? That’s the affectionate of word that makes Mr. Skin’s ears (among other body parts) prick appropriate up!

Although our policy here is to alone celebrate nudity that a star willingly puts out–via movie, TV, or approved female tape–that doesn’t beggarly that the concept of private Knightley knudes isn’t a thrill.

And if the laptops are clean, we own plenty of legit Keira to fall back on: her debut boob flash in in The Hole, her couple of twos in Domino, another attending at her rack-et in The Jacket

Sure, Keira has yet to appearance her lap(top), but as continued as she keeps stripping on screen, no one should own to steal to amuse added Knightley!

Top 10 Sexy Celebs Born in November

novemberNovember. It’s a month of brisk winds, bonfires, roasted turkey, and some of the most smoking ardent naked celebs who ever lived.

They add Scorpios are passionate and erotic, and who can argue with that with famous November babes according Rebecca Romijn, Demi Moore, and Anne Hathaway?

Guns n’ Roses had no concept what they were singing about when they referred to November pour as “cold”. Click “more” and check out the list–you’ll accede that this month is annihilation less than boiling.

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